Meet Maya Papaya

Arizona Wedding Photographer

I'm a wise-cracking, extroverted Capricorn who excels at corralling your rowdy family for photos and charming Aunt Carol, the self-deemed professional iPad photographer.

So here's the tea...

MEET The Maestro...

Maya Papaya

Ever since I was little, huddled on the couch with my five siblings rewatching The Lion King, I knew that I wanted to be a storyteller. Growing up in a creative household, I studied a wide range of arts before settling on filmmaking. I envisioned in my head that I would be the next Spielberg, but after shooting my first wedding back in 2013, all my plans changed. I decided to become an Arizona wedding photographer instead!

It was during that wedding that I realized how cinematic weddings were, and how a wedding day told not only the story of the couple, but also their guests. Each person had an involvement in the couple, and so their presence to witness the couple’s union is very important. I was inspired to capture as many moments as I could to tell the story of a day that lasts a lifetime.  



What I Stand For

As a Black businesswoman it is very important to me to support my community. And while spreading the word in social media is nice, I'd rather put my money where my mouth is.

That is why a portion of the proceeds from every sale I make will go to organizations helping Black and LGBTQ communities.  


I didn't get into this industry to only shoot Instagram influencer couples. I became a photographer to tell everyday couples' love stories. I value each couple I work with regardless of race, religion, body type, or sexual orientation. All are beautiful to me and are worthy of being captured. 

The Importance of Family

As someone who has 5 adult siblings, I completely understand how hard it is to get everyone to come together at the same time. So when it does, it’s a miracle that needs to be photographed. That’s why I focus on getting all your family's in-between moments so you can see the impact you have on your family and friends.  

Sedona is my second home, whenever I'm there I feel creatively reinvigorated. I will never turn down a session that takes place in Sedona 

I'm a bit of a film junkie, I love watching movies and TV whenever I can.
Some of my favorite TV Shows are That 70's Show, Peaky Blinders, and Battlestar Galactica

I'm not the photographer that lurks in the shadows while others are on the dance floor.  I will 100% get down with your family and friends.
(If I hear Crazy In Love, I'm running to the dance floor)

I'm a bit of a workaholic, so when I'm not shooting weddings I balance between working for the Arizona Cardinals and Maricopa County
(Yes, Larry Fitzgerald is really nice in real life) 

I went to an arts school for high school and have a love for music. I have pretty eclectic taste and listen to everything from Bach to Beyonce. I'm always done to hear new music and expand my horizons. 
Some of my favorite artists are Hiatus Kaiyote, Arctic Monkeys and Childish Gambino  


- Jerrica + Danielle

"Maya has a electrifying personality! She gives off nothing but happy vibes which makes it so much fun to work with her. Her work is beautiful, her response to my initial inquiry was fast, I told her what kind of photo session I was interested in and she totally delivered. We can’t wait to work with her again in the near future!"

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