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Preserving your most meaningful moments as they unfold like scenes from a movie

How to Plan a Perfect Proposal

Whether you pop the question overlooking the Grand Canyon or downtown at your favorite restaurant, the location is just a bonus. What really matters is that the two of you found something great – a rare relationship worth holding onto. That being said, this moment calls for some planning. You want the whole proposal to fit your style and reflect your personality as a couple. What one couple finds to be an epic proposal may seem ridiculous to another (is proposing during a zero-gravity flight too much?). Some couples want an intimately quiet experience with just the two of them, while others want an all-out bash with their friends and family as witnesses. So, that begs the question: with so many options, how in the world can you plan the perfect proposal?


Don’t worry, it’s an easy process my friends. Here’s how to plan a perfect proposal – for any couple:


how to plan the perfect proposal


  1. Choose the Location.

    First, decide where you want to pop the question. Sure, you can search Pinterest for cool ideas, but I would encourage you to think about a place that is meaningful to you. Some questions you might ask yourself to plan a perfect proposal location:

  • Where have we always wanted to visit or explore?
  • Where was our first kiss/first date?
  • What is our favorite thing to do together?
  • Where is my other half’s favorite place to go?
  • Where have we made some incredible memories?
  • Are we urban or outdoor people?
  • Do we like to be where it’s quiet or bumpin’?LGBTQ Proposal Photography Proposal ideas how to plan a perfect proposal plan a perfect proposaldowntown Phoenix proposal Proposal photography


  1. Select a Date.

    First, get the ring (if that’s your thing). And don’t forget to bring it with you (I’ve never witnessed a proposal where they forgot, but I’ve heard it happens!) To plan a perfect proposal and find a date that’s right for you, consider:

    Time of year – Have you both dreamed of a fall proposal with the leaves in full autumn color? Or maybe you have a certain date that holds a special place in your heart. Some couples wait until a once-a-year event that they both look forward to. Or maybe you’re ready RIGHT NOW, and this part is completely irrelevant. 😉

    Who’s Involved – If it’s just the two of you, you only have to work around your own schedules. But if you want friends and family, start a secret text thread (call it “Pizza Place” or something cryptic), and see when your nearest and dearest can make it. Keep in mind, you can’t accommodate everyone. In the end, select what makes the most sense for the two of you.

    Day of the Week – If you have a specific venue or location, make sure it’s open and they’re prepared for you. Check times of operation ahead of time as well as copyright regulations for photos. If you want a quieter downtown experience, consider proposing on a weekday/weeknight instead of the weekend.

    proposal photography plan a perfect proposal plan a perfect proposal plan a perfect proposal plan a perfect proposal LGBTQ proposals


  1. Plan it Out.

    If you’re a Super Planner, write down what you want to say and rehearse a few times. Or, wing it and speak from the heart. If you want it to be a surprise, the safest way to plan a perfect proposal is to act like you have something planned for the day – just not a proposal.

    For instance, Albina made an appointment for Kyira to relax and get her nails done, then they were going to have a fun birthday photo session after. Kyira didn’t suspect a thing. However, she was dressed the part, and she had already set aside this time in her schedule. (Total surprise proposals may end up with only one person present – and we all know that doesn’t work.) Read Albina and Kyira’s full proposal story on How They Asked: The Knot.

    plan a perfect proposal black and white photography Maya Papaya Pictures Maya Papaya Pictures Maya Papaya Pictures Maya Papaya Pictures Maya Papaya Pictures Maya Papaya Pictures Maya Papaya Pictures


Bonus: Don’t forget the details. Now that you know how to plan a perfect proposal, find a photographer who reflects your style to capture the story for you. You’ll end up with professional images while enjoying the moment to the fullest! Your photographer will also be happy to help with planning process, and a good proposal photographer can be as discreet or involved as you want them. To learn more about our photography services, visit and drop a line on our Contact Form.


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Preserving your most meaningful moments as they unfold like scenes from a movie

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