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Preserving your most meaningful moments as they unfold like scenes from a movie

Alternative Wedding Attire Options

I once saw photos of a bride and groom who exchanged mountainside vows up in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The photos were stunning, but an adorable little detail also stood out to me. Both the bride and groom were wearing leather hiking boots and colorful wool socks! The look was perfect, and the alternative wedding attire added so much character and personality to their photos.

That got me thinking: there are so many creative options out there for alternative wedding attire. Couples no longer have to stick to the traditional white dress and a tux. After all, it’s your wedding, so it should reflect your style — not what others say you should wear.

How to Choose Alternative Wedding Attire

Maybe you and your other half have chosen an adventurous elopement wedding or a breezy seaside location; pick something appropriate for the environment. Even for a traditional wedding, choose the dress (or suit or ensemble) that truly speaks to you. You deserve to feel fabulous (and comfortable) on your wedding day! Go ahead, ditch the ballgown and slip into something more YOU.

Jumpsuits & Suspenders

Wedding Jumpsuits, wedding dresses


On your big day, consider a jumpsuit or formal pants and suspenders for alternative wedding attire. Jumpsuits are a great way to forget the dress and still have something a little femme to wear. If you snag something with chiffon and silk, it will flow better, creating the illusion of a dress. 

For the guys: Men have alternative options as well. Instead of a tux or suit, take it down a notch to match the venue. For instance, if you’re tying the knot outdoors, a formal dress shirt, suspenders and a tie or bowtie will look handsome and appropriate. You can even play it up and go for gold with aged leather suspenders and a silk tie. Add a vintage hat and leather shoes to tie the outfit together.

Short Dresses & Colorful Hints

Short Wedding Dresses from BHDLN, wedding attire


You don’t need a long white dress for a wedding, nor does it need to be white. Short dresses can still be wedding-ready and there are many, many options from places like BHDLN. Shorter dresses work well for city hall and urban elopements.

If you want the untraditional nods to be a little out of the way from the parents and family, tuck some brightly colored tulle under the dress. It still has the traditional feel with something you can flaunt it during that first dance.

We love colorful lace overlays that add a pop of color to a white or ivory dress. Now, you can also find many bridal dresses in gorgeous hues of green, blue, blush, gray, red, and floral. 

For the guys: Choose some fun accessories that match or complement your other half’s attire. Add a colorful had, bow tie, boutonnière, vest, or socks. Have fun and play up the color together!

 Capes & Vests

wedding capes, wedding attire

Capes are a lovely blend of creative and traditional. Plus, they’re absolutely stunning. Go glam with glittery sequins, or go elegant with delicate lace — there are so many options out there. Capes, shawls, and shrugs provide beautiful bridal additions for cold weather. We’re absolutely in love with faux-fur wraps for winter weddings. As a bonus, capes and shawls won’t impact your hair or weigh your head down like a veil does, but it still has the added bridal touch of a veil.

For the guys: Wool or silk vests are another way to do something a little different. Some opt to pair vests with their suit jacket, while others throw out the suit jacket altogether and play up the vest. Vests are popular right now, so you’re sure to find a style that works for you. Go for a bold print, or keep it simple and classic! Wool vests are great for chilly outdoor locations and other natural locations.

If you enjoyed our favorite wedding attire options, check out one of our favorite weddings showing off some of these tips and tricks by clicking here.

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With a background in filmmaking, my job is to approach your wedding like I would a film – balancing between the director and a fly-on-the-wall approach. My primary focus is on documenting all of the emotions in the room, that way in the end you get photos that reflect how the day felt, and not just what your shoes looked like.

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Preserving your most meaningful moments as they unfold like scenes from a movie

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