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Preserving your most meaningful moments as they unfold like scenes from a movie

How to Get Married During the Pandemic

“When you want something, all the universe conspires with you to achieve it. Each thing has to transform itself into something better until someday the soul of the world becomes one thing only.”

Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

married during the pandemic


What do you imagine for your wedding day? An epic cliffside elopement? An intimate downtown gathering at your favorite venue with your nearest and dearest? Surprisingly, couples still have quite a few wedding options for getting married during the pandemic. It may require a little creativity, but I have a feeling the experience will be better than you could have ever imagined!

Congratulations, Nonso & Enuma!

How They Got Married During the Pandemic

This gorgeous couple envisioned a quiet outdoor setting with an extraordinary backdrop. We found just the spot beside the lake. Arizona hills rolled across the background while the sparkling water added life to their photos.

But that wasn’t even the best part. When Nonso and Enuma exchanged their handwritten vows, I couldn’t help but tear up. And I’ve witnessed quite a few vow exchanges! This one really got me. It was pretty evident that nothing else in the world matters to them more than their love. They didn’t need a grand banquet hall or hundreds of guests. They just needed each other. (Plus a couple of their very closest family members who have supported them along the way.) Nonso and Enuma weren’t about to let this pandemic get them down. I knew this was the perfect wedding to feature during these crazy times.

If you love someone, there’s nothing that can hold you back! Go ahead, tie the knot. And I’ll be there to help with the process. My greatest joy is providing couples with images that let them relive that incredible day over and over again — even if you get married during the pandemic.

married during the pandemic

How to Get Married During the Pandemic


Settle on a Location or Venue

Finding natural outdoor locations like Nonso and Enuma’s shouldn’t be too hard in Arizona. The state features countless scenic state parks and diverse terrain. The only thing that may hold you back are local restrictions. Research areas ahead of time to see if permits are required. Also, double check for any photography restrictions (I can help with that).

Actual venues may be just a bit trickier, but you still have lots of options! Most are still open right now as long as you have a small- to medium-sized guest count. Simply visit venue websites to get the most up-to-date information. As a Phoenix wedding photographer, I have a list of highly-recommended venues. Find out my favorites by inquiring HERE. I’d love to lend a helping hand! I promise it’s possible to get married during the pandemic.

Psst…I have elopement and destination wedding packages, too. Want to escape for your wedding day? Just tell me where you want to go!


married during the pandemic married during the pandemic married during the pandemic

Go Virtual or Micro

For those who wanted a large wedding, getting married during the pandemic may be putting a damper on your plans. But you have options! Plus, opting small weddings can enhance the experience. Think about it: you can splurge and do more with your budget; you’ll be able to truly enjoy time with your nearest and dearest; you have your pick of venues without dealing with the guest count. More than likely, extended friends and family will completely understand. To include them, share the ceremony and reception virtually! They’ll love seeing how happy you are and witnessing the first kiss – even from afar.


Maya Papaya Pictures Arizona Weddings Phoenix Wedding Photographer

Make Light of the Situation

If life gives you lemons, whip up some signature cocktails, am I right?! For wedding favors, try wedding-themes face masks or pocket hand sanitizer. Take a few memorable photos with your masks on. Make cute signs asking people to sit six feet apart – “Spread love, not germs. Celebrate six feet apart.” Serve quarantinis! This year is one for the books, and you’ll certainly have a story to tell for years to come. You got married during a pandemic!


Maya Papaya Weddings Best Arizona Wedding Photographer Married during the pandemic

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Want to learn more about how you can get married during the pandemic? For more wedding resources, be sure to follow along with the Blog!



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With a background in filmmaking, my job is to approach your wedding like I would a film – balancing between the director and a fly-on-the-wall approach. My primary focus is on documenting all of the emotions in the room, that way in the end you get photos that reflect how the day felt, and not just what your shoes looked like.

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Preserving your most meaningful moments as they unfold like scenes from a movie

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