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Preserving your most meaningful moments as they unfold like scenes from a movie

Planning an Engagement Photoshoot in Flagstaff, AZ: What to Wear & More Tips!

If you’re planning an engagement photoshoot in Flagstaff AZ – THIS IS FOR YOU. Consider this a catch-all guide full of the best resources to help you get beautiful pics of you & your fave person. I’ve compiled my fave tips for a couples photoshoot in Arizona. We’re gonna cover where to eat in Flagstaff, what to wear to your photoshoot, & the best tips for planning your engagement session! Let’s freakin’ go.

 engagement photoshoot in flagstaff AZ


Four Tips for the CUTESTTT Engagement Pics in Flagstaff AZ

Make it a date!

Why not spend some quality time together?? One of my biggest tips for couples photoshoots: make a whole date of it!

Grab lunch or dinner at Diablo Burger – everyone who’s anyone in Flagstaff loves this place! Not only is it vegetarian friendly – it’s a vibe and a half!!  I recommend it all the time!

Macy’s European Coffeehouse is one of Flagstaff’s all-vegetarian restaurants! They have tons of vegan and gluten free options!! This place is THE bomb.

If you want dinner & drinks, try Annex Cocktail Lounge for an elevated, romantic atmosphere.  Their cocktails are “art in a glass” which to me is ~chefs kiss~ Sounds like the perfect way to unwind after some Flagstaff couples pics, right?

Hops on Birch is a dog friendly bar!!! A DOG FRIENDLY BAR!! I know those words already have you convinced, but if for some reason you need more of a reason, check out the 24 beers they have on tap.

engagement photoshoot in flagstaff AZ

Make it personal

I want you to have engagement photos that feel like YOU!! Make your pics unique to you two as a couple. Include your pets or think of ways to incorporate your interests in your props!

For example, what do you like to do together? Morgan & Nick love camping so we took pictures of them cuddled around a fire making s’mores! They also sat on their blanket, popped champagne, & drank out of their favorite mugs. 

engagement photoshoot in flagstaff AZ


The best pics are the ones where you’re comfy and focused on each other, having a good time!! I’m just your third wheel – you can let your guard down around me. Go out for a drink before your photoshoot if that’ll help you loosen up. Relax your shoulders, take a deep breath, & shake out your nerves!

Blast music

I’m a BIIIIIG fan of music – so just tell me what ya like & I’ll add it to the queue. Arctic Monkeys? Check. Childish Gambino? Check. Beyonce? Double check!

Whether we’re gettin’ down & dirty or slow dancing while you two make googly eyes at each other, I’m here for it all! 

If it’s your vibe, it’s my vibe. Let me know what you’re into and I’ll bring a speaker! 


Locations for an Engagement Photoshoot in Flagstaff AZ

I think Flagstaff has some of the best photography spots in Arizona, so let’s talk about a few of them!! 

Aspen Corner is in Coconino National Forest! This space has sloping meadows of different grasses and wildflowers. In the distance, there are beautiful views of the volcanic field, the Arizona Snowbowl, and the Grand Canyon.

Enjoy the views of Mount Elden or Mt. Humphreys with a photoshoot at Buffalo Park! The trail that goes through this park is flat and easily accessible – no hiking necessary here! There are forest-y areas of the park and some open meadows – I love the diversity we can get here in just one shoot!

Downtown Flagstaff is a great photoshoot location if you like restored, charming buildings with more of a city vibe. If you want to be more in touch with the history of Flagstaff, try planning your engagement session for the historic district, which is located Humphreys St. to Verde St., and south to Route 66. 

One of the best photography spots in Arizona is Sunset Crater & Wupatki Ruins – this place kinda feels like you’re on another planet!!! The landscape is jagged because of the cooled volcano eruption that is estimated to have taken place around 1085. 

Five Tips on What to Wear to Your Arizona Photoshoot


Choose Something Comfortable

The number one tip on choosing your engagement photos outfit: choose something comfortable! Don’t squeeze into your new jeans or slide into your brand new shoes – today is not the day for blisters, my friend. If you’re comfortable, you’re more likely to feel confident in front of the camera!



Layer it up, baby!

Layering is great for your engagement photos outfit: add a jacket, a scarf, or a cute cardigan, and you’re good to go! Layers add texture, color, and movement to the pic. Also, it helps switch things up so you have different outfits for different pics. Remove or add a layer to get a new look for more pics!


Don’t match – coordinate!

This goes for colors AND for patterns. I’m a fan of flannels, florals, or smaller patterns. Sometimes when patterns get too loud or chunky, it can distract from your beautiful faces, so I suggest avoiding those. Try out some colors that coordinate well with each other.

Color combinations to try when choosing what to wear for your couples photoshoot:

  • Teal & orange
  • Yellow & navy blue 
  • Light blue & tan
  • Pink & teal
  • Pink & white
  • Green & cream

I got these tips from How to Choose the Best Colors to Wear for Photos



Accessorizing not only adds depth to your photos, it also gives you something to do. I can direct you to hold your hat or adjust your scarf to create movement, which is great for pics! Plus you can use this as a chance to personalize your photos even more. If you have a necklace from your grandmother or a watch from your uncle, here’s a chance to show it off & add a layer of meaning to your engagement photos.

engagement photoshoot in flagstaff AZ

Location, location, location

Think about your photoshoot location! Make it make sense, ya know? For example, don’t wear greens in the forest. PLEASE don’t wear red or tans if we’re shooting in the desert! Any other setting, definitely go for it. I just don’t want you guys to blend into the background. Blues look good with cactus in the background (all the Arizona vibes) and dark neutrals like black or gray are alwayyyyss a good idea. 


Bring options

I’m always down for helping you out with what to wear to your Arizona photoshoot. I’ve been doing this for a looooong time so I’ve seen it all! If you have specific questions about your outfits please don’t hesitate to shoot me a text or ask me on our intro phone call. To help you out even more, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite engagement photos outfit inspiration for ya!



Morgan & Nick’s Gorg Engagement Session in Flagstaff AZ 

This location is lowkey in the middle of the boonies, in the woods. This little field area is northwest of the Arboretum of Flagstaff. Go there, then head west on the i-40 for a few miles! 

More Inspo Pics for What to Wear to an Engagement Photoshoot in Flagstaff AZ

engagement photoshoot in flagstaff AZ engagement photoshoot in flagstaff AZ

flagstaff couples pics


Thinking about the best photography spots in Arizona, but not feeling Flagstaff? I absolutely loved shooting Albina & Kyira’s proposal in downtown Phoenix. Or, check out Monica & Dominic’s super sweet proposal in the breathtaking Superstition Mountains

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Preserving your most meaningful moments as they unfold like scenes from a movie

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